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We own the original technology of processing glass surface. Our specialists have designed and produced the special equipment to perform the production operations,that are needed.

Applying a matte finish (satin, matelux, satinat). This technology let us to produce glass with silky-matte surface.

This finish is not erased and it is not washed off with water. Comparing with the sandblasting our covering doesn't make mechanical stress to glass, stains can be easily removed from its surface and there is no need in processing it with hydrophobizing liquid before to use.

Applying a patterns (glass and mirror with patterns). The surface of the product is covered with patterns,applied using the special technique of processing. Depending on the aim you need, pattern can be applied on the surface or it can be embossed, when treating composition takes away from the thickness of glass the ornament to a depth of 5 mm. Our unique technology makes it possible not just to put picture, but select it in the total mass of the surface (matt or clear) another texture . Do not confuse our patterns with patterned glass which is produced by rolling (eg Konstantinovsky factory).


In our variant the glass surface remains without deformation, the pattern is clear, much larger sheet formats may be possible.


Our production is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine It has been engaged in processing glass since 2006. g. We specialize in the production of matte glass and mirrors (satin), glass and mirrows with patterns, made with help of chemical etching technology.

We worked out the strict criteria for our production to satisfy all demands of the big companies,that are workig with us.

Our production facilities let us to provide full production cycle: unloading and loading mechanisms, automatic washing, cutting tables (for large format), equipment for applying of matte finish and patterns, large warehouse.

Matte glass (mirror) and glass (mirror) with patterns are used in the decoration of interiors, production of glass fencing, are installed in windows, doors, and furniture .

Our highly qualified specialists, managers and directors always are glad to cooperate with you and ready to help you with solving any problems in our area of competence.

Our equipments allow to produce not only patterns from our catalogue, but even patterns of your own design and requirements.

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